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All Katherine Timpf, all the time. We’ve got the Kat Timpf videos, photos, news and more to keep every fan up to date about our favorite lady of Fox News, National Review, The Greg Gutfeld Show and Red Eye.

4 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Would like to join when construction is complete. Kat is a wonderful young lady, would love to have her for a daughter in law (my son is 27) but apparently these youngsters today like to choose their own mates! lol This whole Star Wars thing just went off the rails with the goofballs not realizing the whole bit on Red Eye was a joke. Just want to be of support! Thanks

    1. Just a shout out on the star wars subject. I don’t like star wars either. You are so right, and furthermore are so right about those people being morons!!Just keep on doing what you do, there are those of us that DO know that a lot on TV is ENTERTAINMENT, and not a total reflection of a person that we see on that same TV. Hope life stays great for you.

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