Kat on ‘Red Eye’, Feb 9, 2016

Watch this episode of Red Eye and find out who Kat compares to a puppy with three legs, learn why Kat would rather go to hell a million times over, find out why Kat couldn’t sleep after the Super Bowl, discover where Kat found love, see Kat’s first ever solo and hear why Kat needs vampire boobs.

Pre-Red Eye Periscope

Red Eye Segment 1: Prelude to NH Primary

Red Eye Segment 2: Hillary’s War on Women

Red Eye Segment 3: Sexist Super Bowl Ads

Red Eye Segment 4: Law Unintended Consequences

Red Eye Segment 5: Halftime Report w/ Andy Levy

Red Eye Segment 6: Burlesque Show Solos Flap

Red Eye Segment 7: 2016 Oscars Gift Bag

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