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Kat on ‘Varney & Company’, Feb 16, 2016

Watch as Kat discusses Hillary barking, Trump’s potential decline and Millennial drinking preferences in these segments of Varney & Company.

Segment 1 of Kat on ‘Varney & Company’ – Hillary Barking at GOP

Segment 2 of Kat on ‘Varney & Company’ – Tipping Point for Trump?

Segment 3 of Kat on ‘Varney & Company’ – Millennials Drink More Wine

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  1. Hi kat glad to hear you have a fan club and proud to be in it. Greg Is very smart and the show is very funny but for me you and Tyrus and the other comedians are just as important. I look forward to the show every week and watch it several times . Why is it my friends and I never heard of you before that show where else are you on TV or the Internet and surely you’re not his timid as you seem . I know Tyrus is your friend but I love it when you kind of Yellit him and he cowers love the show

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