Kat on ‘Kennedy’, Apr 11, 2016

Watch as Kat discusses the potentially shady GOP delegates process, the upcoming New York primary, possible headlines if Hillary is elected, legalizing medical marihuana in schools and the creepiest professions with fellow-Party-Panelists, Sabrina Schaeffer and Pete Hegseth, in these segments of Kennedy with Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 1: GOP Delegate Rules Uproar

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 2: Prelude to NY Primary

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 3: President Hillary Headline Predictions

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 4: Legalize Pot in Schools?

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 5: Creepiest Professions

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