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Kat on ‘Varney & Company’, Apr 26, 2016

Watch as Kat talks Trump disparaging Kasich’s eating habits, Bubba criticizing the Obama economy and Facebook banning a bathroom law supporter in these segments of Varney & Company.

Segment 1 of Kat on ‘Varney & Company’ – Trump Blasts Kasich’s Table Manners

Segment 2 of Kat on ‘Varney & Company’ – Bubba Blasts Obama’s Economy

Segment 3 of Kat on ‘Varney & Company’ – Facebook Bans Bathroom Blaster

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  1. Kat Gurl I don’t know which of the two of you is cooler you are that Ann Coulter! Quick write a bunch of bestsellers so you catch up. You’re caught up in it every other category…d

  2. More and more judging from her composure conversation and comportment; I’m thinking Kat Timpf must be Ann Coulter’s little sister…. Those 2 are America’s Funnest Smartest Foxes!

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