Kat on ‘Kennedy’, May 17, 2016

Watch as Kat discusses what Trump might do on his first day as President, Kasich ending VP speculation, Bernie NOT ending VP speculation, how to deal with airport security and if Facebook’s conservative news blocking even matters with fellow-Party-Panelists, Charles Cooke and Julie Roginsky, in these segments of Kennedy with Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 1: Trump’s 1st Day as President

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 2: Kasich Rules Out Being Trump’s VP

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 3: Bernie as Hillary’s Running Mate?

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 4: Long TSA Lines

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 5: Facebook Tries to Soothe Conservatives

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