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Kat on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’, Jun 18, 2016

Kat is on the couch with Nick DiPaolo, Rob Long, Joanne Nosuchinsky and Rob O’Neill in the following segments of The Greg Gutfeld Show.

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 1: Refusal to Blame Radical Islam

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 2: ISIS Threat Still Growing

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 3: Can Guns Save Us?

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 4: Maajid Nawaz Interview (Kat does not appear in this segment)

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 5: Trump & Hillary Unfavorable Ratings

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 6: Should Women Be Drafted?

The Greg Gutfeld Show segment 7: Farewell

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  1. A big reason a lot of liberals have a hard time attributing Omar Mateen’s crime to Islamic extremism is coalition politics. In the US, the Muslim vote goes heavily Democratic, so it’s verboten to criticize Muslim bad actors qua radical Muslims. The party line dictates shifting blame to Republican-leaning constituencies, eg Christians opposed to SSM.

  2. Whether women have to register with Selective Service is surely a moot point, since politicians who choose to launch wars must know from Vietnam history that use of a draft kills public support for wars. A lot of people, including smart conservatives like Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, have posited that drafts are more conducive to militarism than all-volunteer militaries, but it appears they err. With an all-volunteer military, even with an unpopular war, the troops and their families have the sense of responsibility to participate that comes from choosing to sign up of one’s own free will, while the coercion of a draft drives opposition all the more strongly.

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