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Kat’s ‘National Review’ Article, Jul 13, 2016 1:23

According to Kat’s latest National Review article, when it comes to a Spice Girl choosing her nickname because she’s opinionated, perhaps opinionated, wannabe SJWs should have the same nickname. Scary.

National Review

by KATHERINE TIMPF, July 13, 2016 1:23 PM

A full 20 years after the Spice Girls released their “Wannabe” single, people are freaking out about how “racist” it is that the one black member, Melanie Brown, was known by the nickname “Scary Spice.”

The group recently announced that three of its original members, including Brown, will be reuniting under the name “GEM” — and, according to Heat Street, SJWs just couldn’t resist using that news hook to scream “problematic” about an issue that they’d apparently forgotten to be mad about in the ’90s.

By all appearances, however, Brown herself completely embraced it. There are no reports of her ever complaining that it was “racist,” she certainly seemed to enjoy playing it up by making “scary” faces in photos, and in a recent interview, she gave the impression that she considered it an empowering compliment:

“I’m still Scary Spice. It was because I was very opinionated and people perceive that as being a bit scary. But these days women who have opinions speak up – they know what they want.”

But apparently, it’s not up to this black woman herself to decide what she should be comfortable being called as a black woman. Many people — including, of course, many “woke” white people — came out on Twitter suggesting that they know better:

Rob Yeo @robjyeo
Isn’t it a bit racist that they called the only black girl ‘Scary Spice’?
3:16 PM – 1 Jul 2016 Retweets 5 5 likes

Alex B @GirlAlexB
“We’re not racist–we just decided to call the black one ‘Scary Spice’.” -the 90s
2:09 PM – 22 Mar 2016 Retweets likes

Yikes. Welp, someone had better tell her. After all, that’s much less offensive than allowing her to decide these things for herself.

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