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Kat on ‘Kennedy’, Jul 14, 2016

Watch as Kat discusses who will speak at Trump’s convention, millennials’ unhappiness with the two party system, liberals’ attempts to regulate the free market, Lena Dunham’s anti-gun stance and the Pokémon Go craze with fellow-Party-Panelists, Meghan McCain. and Gavin McInnes, in these segments of Kennedy with Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 1: Trump’s Convention Speakers

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 2: Dissatisfied Young Voters

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 3: Liberals vs Free Market

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 4: Lena Dunham vs Guns

Kat on ‘Kennedy’ Segment 5: Pokemon Go

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