Kat on ‘Outnumbered’, Aug 19, 2016

Watch as Kat discusses the day’s current events with fellow co-hosts Dagen McDowell, Harris Faulkner, Julie Roginsky and Mike Huckabee in these segments of Outnumbered.

Segment 1 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Trump Campaign Chairman Resigns

Segment 2 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Trump Expresses Regrets

Segment 3 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Clintons to Cease Foreign Donors

Segment 4 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Obama Ignores Louisiana Floods

Segment 5 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Congress to Address Hillary’s Perjury

Segment 6 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: $400M Iran Hostage Ransom

Segment 7 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Single-Sex Club Double Standard

Segment 8 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Farewell

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