Kat on ‘Outnumbered’, Jan 2, 2017

Watch as Kat discusses the day’s current events with fellow co-hosts, Sandra Smith, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Lisa Boothe and Anthony Scaramucci, in these segments of Outnumbered.

Segment 1 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Istanbul Nightclub Terror Attack

Segment 2 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Trump Downplays Russian Hacking

Segment 3 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Will Dems Slow Trump’s Confirmations?

Segment 4 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Will Trump Erase Obama’s Legacy?

Segment 5 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Obama Won’t Give Up The Spotlight

Segment 6 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Trump’s Relationship With The Press

Segment 7 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Democrats’ Clinton Days Are Over

Segment 8 of Kat on ‘Outnumbered’: Farewell

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