Kat on ‘The Fox News Specialists’, May 1, 2017

In the premiere episode of their new show, The Fox News Specialists, co-hosts Kat, Eboni Williams and Eric Bolling are joined by topic specialists, Mark Cuban and Mark McKinnon, to discuss the day’s breaking news stories:

  • Battle Over Healthcare Reform 0:00
  • Trump’s Foreign Threat Assessment 10:00
  • Anti-Trump May Day Protests 18:51
  • Trump’s War On Fake News 24:19
  • Obama’s Wall Street Payday 30:18
  • NFL Draftee’s OJ T-Shirt 34:24

Kat on The Fox News Specialists

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  1. I totally love the show. I especially love Katt. Ms. Timph represents my political ideal. She makes us all realize that we are victims without giving us a reason to care. Great showmanship combined with classic horn-rimmed beauty. Ah! if I were only younger or if my girlfriend would be suddenly absent, I could be her loving stocker. rickefiser@gmail.com

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