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Kat on ‘The Fox News Specialists’, Jul 17, 2017

In this episode of The Fox News Specialists, co-hosts, Kat and Eric Bolling, and guest-host, Dagen McDowell, are joined by guest-specialists, Herman Cain and Michael Balboni, to discuss the day’s breaking news stories:

  • Senator McCain’s Surgery Delays Health Care Vote 0:00
  • Trump Kicks Off “Made in America” Week 9:27
  • Voters Don’t Believe Russia Collusion Fake News 12:57
  • Canada Pays Ex-GITMO Prisoner $8,000,000 20:13
  • Bernie Sanders’ Wife Plays the Gender Card 25:33
  • Al Gore Predicts a Climate Apocalypse 32:34
  • Circle Back 38:51

Kat on The Fox News Specialists

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