Kat on ‘The Fox News Specialists’, Aug 4, 2017

In this episode of The Fox News Specialists, co-hosts Kat, Eboni Williams and Eric Bolling are joined by guest specialists, Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg, to discuss the day’s breaking news stories:

  • Jeff Sessions’ Crackdown on Leaks 0:00
  • Trump’s Political Base Fuels His Presidency 12:03
  • Ned Ryun Comments on Russia Special Counsel 15:09
  • West Virginia Governor Switches to GOP 20:40
  • Congress Blocks Trump from Firing Mueller 22:46
  • U.S Confirms Death of Somali Terrorist 28:21
  • Rex Tillerson to Meet North Korean Foreign Minister 30:34
  • Kat on the Street: Can Money Buy Happiness? 33:42
  • Wait… What? 37:29

Kat on The Fox News Specialists

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