Kat on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’, Aug 19, 2017

Kat is on the couch with Tyrus, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery and Terry Schappert in this episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show:

  • Trump Fires Steve Bannon 0:00
  • How to Combat Islamic Terrorism 12:34
  • Trump Makes North Korea Blink 21:43
  • NY Times Claims Communist Sex was Better 29:00
  • Updated Guidelines for Secure Passwords 33:01
  • Final Thoughts 37:33

Kat on The Greg Gutfeld Show

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  1. Hi Kat, there’s no denying that I am CRAZY ABOUT YOU and You are 100% Hot.
    Your playful innocence and beautiful smile, make MY day. Thank You for being , “Yourself”

    1. I watch U almost every night and I always have sweet dreams after I see you. Santa Fe, NM is a beautiful place to live. Come visit, come to live.
      Ski Season is getting ready to open, by Kat

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