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Kat on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’, Jan 13, 2018

Kat is on the couch with Tyrus, Alli Breen and Pete Hegseth in this episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show:

  • Greg’s Grand Entrance 0:00
  • Greg’s Opening Monologue 0:15
  • Trump’s Week in Review 8:56
  • West Wing Cellphone Ban 16:34
  • Government Spying Law Renewed 22:05
  • Army Recruits Too Fat To Fight 27:38
  • Pay-What-You-Want Experiment Fails 33:54
  • Final Thoughts 39:34

Kat on The Greg Gutfeld Show

2 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Kat,
    When you come visit NW Arkansas, you will miss a lot if you dont call me.
    You are awsome, and I’d live to show you around the town
    Please call me. 479 319 7171.
    Stay hot!

  2. recently you were on FOX discussing what can society do about the continuous random shootings of innocents.
    The answer was clearly stated about 2000 years ago by a man born in Nazarath, Israel . He taught “love one another as I have loved you and love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no other way for men to live with men with their hatred and fear of one another. The speaker spoke with authority and this teaching is nothing but the same as Moses who brought the Jews the 10 commandments, first, love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit” paraphrasing. Men won’t listen and we wait for the day when as the Man told his companion, Mary Magdalene
    when she asked Him, “what is matter, will it last forever?”, He said,”All that is born, all that is created, all elements
    of nature are interwoven and united with each other. All that is composed will be decomposed, everything will
    return to it’s roots. Matter returns to the origins of matter.”

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