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Kat on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’, Jan 13, 2018

Kat is on the couch with Tyrus, Alli Breen and Pete Hegseth in this episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show:

  • Greg’s Grand Entrance 0:00
  • Greg’s Opening Monologue 0:15
  • Trump’s Week in Review 8:56
  • West Wing Cellphone Ban 16:34
  • Government Spying Law Renewed 22:05
  • Army Recruits Too Fat To Fight 27:38
  • Pay-What-You-Want Experiment Fails 33:54
  • Final Thoughts 39:34

Kat on The Greg Gutfeld Show

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  1. Hey Kat,
    When you come visit NW Arkansas, you will miss a lot if you dont call me.
    You are awsome, and I’d live to show you around the town
    Please call me. 479 319 7171.
    Stay hot!

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