Just like a Magic 8-Ball, Kat has the answers to all your questions – except Kat‘s answers will definitely be more satirical, snarky and opinionated. Simply type in a question and click Submit.

Please note:

  • Like a real Magic 8-Ball, “Yes / No” questions work best, however, Kat has some capability to answer other types of questions.
  • These videos autoplay on desktop PCs, but mobile devices won’t allow this capability, so you’ll need to press the video start button after submitting a question.
  • This page is VERY experimental so if you have any problems or suggestions please note them in a comment below.

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  1. Could I play Clue with you and JoNo and Meghan? Please give my warmest wishes to them both. I can’t WAIT for Jo’s first Broadway role! How about Anita in West Side Story?

  2. I used to date a female that worked at the hit factory when the hit factory was still in NYC. She was so hot, that Paul Schaffer (Letterman’s band director) started a confrontation with me while we walking down 54th St. Anyway, she would always show me what’s hip whenever I was in town. To make a long story short, She and the hit factory moved to Miami, so I need a new partner in crime when I come to NYC. Are you in? I’m buying. Would love for you to show me around…. Off the radar of course.

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