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All Katherine Timpf, all the time. We’ve got the Kat Timpf videos, photos, news and more to keep every fan up to date about our favorite lady of Fox News, National Review, The Greg Gutfeld Show and Red Eye.


5 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Miss Kat,

    I like the look & think that you’re a unique sexy goddess!!! In your possession is an intellect that is inquisitive & intelligent!! Your opinions stimulate my mind. It’s a surprise that such talent is underappreciated.
    It would be a pleasure to conversate together!

  2. Young, smart and beautiful too. Fox gals like you help renew my faith in young people. Yea, I’m an old guy, real old.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I’m late. Apology accepted I’m sure. Great birthday countdown counter. Why am I awake its 4am. I guess to write this. Bored and now not as much thanks.

  4. Kat,
    I think the world of you, you are so funny, smart and just real. That out shines any make up or tossed hair extensions…. you are a very special and awesome person. Don’t ever forget that.

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