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Today’s Gallery theme: Phoot Phetish Photos

As a special gift for all the foot fetish fans enamored of Kat‘s feet, today’s photo gallery is filled with Kat paws. As for the music, it was hard to find a better song about feet than ‘Toes’ by Zac Brown Band.

Click a photo to bring up the gallery viewer. Enjoy.

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29 thoughts on “Photos

  1. I simply wanted to say that watching the Greg Gutfeld show is much better when you are on it. You are a very attractive and beautiful lady….. just sayin

  2. I have an photo to e mail you to use as you wish.

    image of my hobby farm John Deere tractor with
    halloween masks of Reagan and Trump attached atop
    the folded down roll bar posts.

    Looks like they are having a conversation.
    and showing the JD name

    So I am naming my tractor the “RonDonJohn”

    might be a good schtick in there somewhere

    where to e mail it for you???

    less seriously
    saw you on your Sunday fox show for the
    first time last week

    at 61 yrs old looking for 4 wife
    are you available? damn cute…

    “Happy belated birthday!”

    June 2nd ’16


  3. What could be more appealing?…..Intelligent, witty, politically incorrect, assertive, attractive and GREAT legs!

  4. Kat, you rock. I love JoNo and Kennedy more, but only because I prefer brunette Libertarians. Rock on, fearless young woman. And kiss Greg G. for me! One day, you will have your own show for sure.

  5. Yee Haw!!

    I had a happy Thanksgiving, with all the fixins , hope you did too, Kat!

    Murry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

  6. I actually just seen u for the first time on The Greg Gutfeld show, don’t care bout politics ne more, but daaaam, u got my vote. Gorgeous, fast thinker, I think ure great with the street interviews. Just wanted u 2 kno.

  7. Kat,
    I really like it when you do street interviews! You are a super pretty girl and remind me of my HS girlfriend, her nickname was “legs”.
    I think your new show with Eric Bolin is great ! Keep up the good work.

  8. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who is so intelligent, well spoken and firm in her beliefs, and all the while not letting others think she is better than them. Having a beautiful face and body is a plus.
    Captain David L Adams, Retired

  9. Oh my what beautiful hot smoking legs you have and feet I’d lick your toes and feet all the way up your Long Lucius legs and thys ooohhhh YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS . Your so freaking hot

  10. are you sporting a engagement ring ?? today on ” Mornings with Maria ” it appeared that your left hand , when one could see it, had a ring on your finger. I’m heartbroken and so depress I’m going to a strip joint to drown my sorrow.

  11. Dearest Kat, you are alchemy in motion… leaded in your fortitude and the finest gold in your beauty. You’re the foxiest on Fox. Whatever you do, keep going the distance, and you will be the tops. I envy the man who steals your heart away and sweeps you off your feet for a lifetime of adventures. Cheers Dollface.

  12. Kat, I like your remarks on Greg Guttfield, your personality and smile are contagious, also so sorry you lost your mom recently .

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