A Tragic Loss.

One week after her 26th birthday Kat lost her mom to Cardiac Amyloidosis, a rare disorder caused by deposits of an abnormal protein (amyloid) in the heart tissue. These deposits make it hard for the heart to work properly. Cardiac Amyloidosis can be treated, but without treatment, Cardiac Amyloidosis progresses rapidly and aggressively.

In order for Cardiac Amyloidosis to be treated, it must first be diagnosed by a doctor. Due to its rarity, Cardiac Amyloidosis is unknown to many doctors and to most of the public. Therefore, the symptoms of Cardiac Amyloidosis are often mis-diagnosed by doctors.

Since 2014, Kat has been on a mission to raise awareness of Cardiac Amyloidosis in the public and the medical community. Her wish is that no other family will suffer the unnecessary loss that her family did.

Please hear Kat tell her heartrending story in this free, 40 minute interview by her dear friend, Ben Kissel. Kat‘s wonderful, straightforward candidness in relating her deeply personal, firsthand experiences can help anyone who will lose or has lost a loved one.

How Can You Help?

Help Kat raise awareness by learning more about Cardiac Amyloidosis and its symptoms. Perhaps you can save a family from unnecessary loss. This link to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cardiac Amyloidosis Program is a great place to start.

Donate to Brigham and Women’s Hospital to help fund Cardiac Amyloidosis research. Any amount will help, and your tax deductible donation will help researchers develop a better understanding of Cardiac Amyloidosis and improve care for patients who have the disease. Please click the link to contribute on the Make a Gift website, then select “Other” in the Designation box in the Donation Information form, and type “Cardiac Amyloidosis“ in the box that appears below it. And although Kat receives no financial benefit, it would mean a lot to her if you made your donation in tribute to her mom, Anne Marie Ochab Timpf.

Thank you so much for your help.

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  1. We all enjoy your political remarks. Please post your TV guest appearance schedule online so we can tape the shows (Making Money, Outnumbered, Kennedy etc..) and watch them after work.

  2. Dear Kath,

    I feel compassion for you at the tragic loss of your mom at such an early age.

    You may add me to your list of ardent fans.

    Today I celebrate the 95th anniversary of my birthday, January 1, 1922, with nary a trace of dementia. And the thousands of silver hairs on my head remain perfectly intact.

    Happy New Year!

    Warren Wilson (future centenarian)

  3. First, I’m terribly sorry for Kat’s loss and laud her courage in its face and her selfless manner for addressing the disease that claimed her mom. Second, this is a cardic desease I’ve never heard of and strongly support Kat’s efforts to change that snd garner support for greater awareness and proper diagnosis

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