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All Katherine Timpf, all the time. We’ve got the Kat Timpf videos, photos, news and more to keep every fan up to date about our favorite lady of Fox News, National Review, The Greg Gutfeld Show and Red Eye.

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4 thoughts on “Site Map

  1. Hi Katt: I love you. Not physically but spiritually. I can’t say much more because as you know we are outnumbered by aliens from outer space. I want to be the sponsor for your Hawaii Fan club. We wear the same glasses, therefore our minds are one. Do you like hot sauce? My dream is one day we could meet at a North Korean restaurant.

    1. Hi Katt: Did you get my message about how much I love you get through. I don’t mean that sticky carnal love but spiritual love. I mentioned that I could not say much because aliens from outer space can hear my thoughts. This happens especially when I sniff glue and watch you on the Gutfeld show. I want to be the president of your Hawaii fan club. I know you feel our strong and overwhelming connection because we were the same glasses. Do you like hot sauce? My dream is that we can make love in the back of a North Korean Restaurant.

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