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Campus Reform Archive

From February 2013 through July 2014 Kat worked as a video and print reporter for Campus Reform covering waste, fraud, bias, and abuse on college campuses. During that period, Kat wrote or co-wrote approximately 240 articles. Also during that period Kat was the subject of (but did not author) an additional 15 Campus Reform articles. Here are links to 252 Campus Reform articles. Articles which Kat did not author are marked with an asterisk (*).

After reading the titles of the first 10 articles on this list, I dare you not to click on one out of sheer curiosity.

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Date Title
Feb 4, 2013 Duke student gov to blow emergency fund on ‘diversity immersion retreat’
Feb 7, 2013 Northwestern students demand reparations for 150-year-old massacre
Feb 8, 2013 Public college to impose mandatory drug testing on all students
Feb 12, 2013 U Chicago sex week to include ‘Sex Ed for Kids,’ Star Wars porn, and ‘Anal 101’
Feb 14, 2013 Dartmouth to celebrate the vagina with weeklong festivities
Feb 14, 2013 University teaches students to pursue porn careers
Feb 21, 2013 In internal documents, U of California president dismisses charges of liberal bias on campuses
Feb 25, 2013 Public university released students’ private records to local sheriff
Feb 26, 2013 Swarthmore student group promotes masturbation on campus
Feb 28, 2013 Yale considers offering sex change surgeries
Feb 28, 2013 Popular Facebook page helps UC Berkeley students find drunken sex partners
Mar 5, 2013 Yale hosts workshop teaching sensitivity to bestiality
Mar 8, 2013 UC Riverside student government votes for divestment from Israel
Mar 12, 2013 Vegetarian group’s university protest likens struggle against meat to civil rights movement
Mar 19, 2013 [VIDEO] Grover Norquist says he wants TV cameras in every classroom
Mar 25, 2013 [VIDEO] D’Souza: US colleges need ‘renegades’ and ‘guerrillas’ to fight for conservatism on campus
Mar 26, 2013 [VIDEO] College students outside Supreme Court hearing were overwhelming in support of gay marriage
Mar 27, 2013 NYU Women’s ‘HERstory’ month included burlesque dancer and ‘69 Ways to Use Saran Wrap’ sexual workshop
Apr 4, 2013 In emotional meeting UC-Riverside student government votes to rescind divestment from Israel plan
Apr 4, 2013 Northwestern Univ.’s sponsored sex week will include ‘Big Booty Beauties,’ a pornographer, and Star Wars-themed burlesque dancers
Apr 9, 2013 Administrators at UC San Diego to ban smoking, smokeless tobacco on campus
Apr 10, 2013 [VIDEO] Students who protested Sen Rand Paul’s speech: Capitalism, tea party racist
Apr 15, 2013 Popular dating site reports rise in number of female students seeking ‘sugar daddies’ at Columbia, Cornell Universities
Apr 18, 2013 [VIDEO] ‘Guns should just be illegal’: College students advocate strict gun control
Apr 22, 2013 [VIDEO] Ron Paul: No one ever asked me how to increase youth support
Apr 24, 2013 Prof threatened over lecture questioning the political correctness of the term ‘sexual assault’
Apr 26, 2013 Harvard University sponsors ‘Hindu same-sex mock wedding’ using student funds
Apr 26, 2013 [VIDEO] Dem. Rep: Federal government should force banks to pay students’ debt
Apr 29, 2013 [VIDEO] Students demand forgiveness for college debt, blame the ‘system’
May 1, 2013 Police say liberal student activist threatened herself with rape in Facebook hoax, framed conservatives
May 2, 2013 Ten of UC Berkeley’s 35k students turn out for Guantanamo Bay hunger-strike protest
May 3, 2013 [VIDEO] ‘I absolutely believe socialism is the way to go’: Students at May Day protest call for overthrow of Capitalism
May 13, 2013 New state directives force public Pennsylvania University to allow concealed carry on campus
May 16, 2013 Court documents: Liberal student-activist accused of Facebook rape-hoax also threatened former boss with handgun
May 29, 2013 [VIDEO] Washington DC college students celebrate ‘crazy’ Bachmann’s retirement plans
Jun 4, 2013 Feds award universities $19.5M to study climate change’s effect on cows
Jun 5, 2013 * [VIDEO] Rep. Justin Amash takes a swing at question Salon.com says ‘libertarians just can’t answer’
Jun 6, 2013 * [VIDEO] Rep. Justin Amash responds to student protest over student loan rates: ‘Government has caused the price of education to go way up’
Jun 7, 2013 [VIDEO] U. Penn student: Conservatives are ‘white men who are super rich and who don’t give a f**k about immigrants’
Jun 7, 2013 * [VIDEO] Rep. Justin Amash reacts to report on ‘tweetability’ of President Obama’s speeches: ‘I’ve never heard of this idea’
Jun 13, 2013 * [VIDEO] Police detain reporters, stop them from photographing alleged NSA facility where Snowden worked
Jun 14, 2013 * [VIDEO] Individuals entering alleged covert NSA facility on university campus refuse to answer questions
Jun 19, 2013 [VIDEO] Sen. Cruz: Young people should tell government not to ‘mess with the Internet’
Jun 19, 2013 [VIDEO] ‘Study Martin Luther King’: Glenn Beck’s advice on how college students can fight illegal IRS audits
Jun 25, 2013 * [VIDEO] Student blasts Clarence Thomas as ‘Uncle Tom,’ reacts to affirmative action ruling
Jun 26, 2013 [VIDEO] Students praise Obama climate change speech, lash out at Republicans and Big Oil
Jun 26, 2013 [VIDEO]: Students ridicule DOMA supporters as ‘hideous’ and ‘disgusting’ outside Supreme Court
Jul 1, 2013 Columbia prof defends Trayvon calling Zimmerman a ‘cracker’
Jul 11, 2013 [VIDEO] Georgetown student says all Republicans should be ‘put to death’
Jul 18, 2013 [VIDEO] Bachmann, Palin are misogynists, explains student
Jul 22, 2013 City College of San Fran offering free classes despite losing accreditation over financial concerns
Aug 8, 2013 WATCH: Dozens sign petition demanding university offer health care for pets
Aug 9, 2013 WATCH: ‘Jews had their golden age under Muslim rule’ says anti-Israel student protester
Aug 13, 2013 Scandal-plagued former LA mayor to join Harvard faculty
Aug 14, 2013 Abortions like removing ‘wisdom teeth’: College group set to launch pro-abortion ‘blog carnival’
Aug 15, 2013 NAACP attacks Dartmouth students who threw ‘Crips and Bloods’ frat party
Aug 19, 2013 LA Community College drops NRA class after six years due to new regs
Aug 20, 2013 NAACP, Dartmouth administrators, to regulate future frat party themes
Aug 22, 2013 Queer feminism: White supremacy, colonialism, contributed to Trayvon Martin killing, says prof
Aug 27, 2013 NYU offers ‘Strap-On Play,’ ‘Sex Toys 101’ workshops for LGBTQ students
Aug 29, 2013 WATCH: Condoms, syringes, Internet among constitutional rights say MLK protesters
Aug 30, 2013 ‘Storming Wikipedia’: Colleges offer credit to students who enter ‘feminist thinking’ into Wikipedia
Sep 2, 2013 UCLA student government looks to ban term ‘illegal immigrant’
Sep 6, 2013 Texas taxing every student’s college tuition to fund financial aid
Sep 17, 2013 VIDEO: Students say Obama deserves Peace Prize, but can’t say why
Sep 19, 2013 Journalism professor says he hopes for murder of NRA members’ children
Sep 20, 2013 Disgraceful:’ University suspends prof who hoped for murder of NRA children
Sep 23, 2013 University’s Young Democrats president is a convicted child sex offender
Sep 25, 2013 College to host orgasm workshop for female undergrads
Sep 27, 2013 Feds to give U. of Georgia $1.25 million to promote Obamacare
Oct 2, 2013 UC student government demands sensitivity training for frats following fiesta, Compton themed parties
Oct 3, 2013 * VIDEO: Sen. Mike Lee gives Boehner an ‘A’ for handling of shutdown crisis
Oct 3, 2013 Sex column in student newspaper asks Texas to provide masturbation lessons for girls
Oct 8, 2013 VIDEO: Obamacare should let people remain permanently on parent’s health insurance, say GW students
Oct 10, 2013 NY judge: Unpaid interns can’t sue for sexual harrassment
Oct 10, 2013 U of Nebraska gives free cars, country club memberships to coaches and admins
Oct 11, 2013 LA colleges admit they underreported sex asssaults
Oct 15, 2013 Dartmouth’s low academic standards leading to ‘binge drinking,’ says education watchdog
Oct 16, 2013 Prof: Conservatives guilty of ‘tyranny’ for holding the government ‘hostage’
Oct 16, 2013 Viral photo of public sex act at public university sparks rape allegations
Oct 18, 2013 Eco-friendly sex toys:’ Public university sponsors workshop
Oct 18, 2013 SHOCK VIDEO: Public university teaches students how to perform anal sex, use c*ck rings
Oct 21, 2013 UPenn students stage hoax event to mock Bristol Palin, abstinence
Oct 21, 2013 Harvard sex week to feature ‘Feel the Vibrations’ sex toy workshop
Oct 22, 2013 Yale hosts first pro-life conference
Oct 22, 2013 Transgender student seeks $2,000 to start ‘fraority’
Oct 22, 2013 Students at Calif. university launch petition against tolerance mandate
Oct 22, 2013 Public university warns students to keep Halloween costumes politically correct
Oct 23, 2013 Public university condemns cowboy hats, sombreros, sexy costumes as ‘offensive’ Halloween attire
Oct 23, 2013 The Pornography of Meat’: School offers course exploring connection between misogyny and meat
Oct 24, 2013 * SPECIAL: Campus Reform’s guide to a politically correct Halloween
Oct 25, 2013 University puts professor who called for murder of NRA member’s children back to work
Oct 31, 2013 School administrator: ‘Insensitive costumes’ are ‘as offensive as the N-word’
Oct 31, 2013 University hosts event where students, faculty talk about sex in room lit by glowsticks
Oct 31, 2013 Public school dropped $17k on ‘Let’s Get Lei’d’ Hawaiian sex week
Nov 1, 2013 Public university event has students put condoms on plastic skulls, skeleton feet
Nov 6, 2013 * VIDEO: Grover Norquist praises Christie as ‘strong voice for conservative governance’ for 2016 presidential race
Nov 8, 2013 Public university invited activist who called for ‘horrific anal raping’ of those who wear fur to speak in sociology class
Nov 13, 2013 Public college cites high cost of Obamacare in canceling students’ health plans
Nov 13, 2013 University hosts ‘Racism and Islamaphobia’ event in response to bin Laden Halloween costume
Nov 15, 2013 VIDEO: Students at historically black college complain Obamacare has left them uninsured
Nov 20, 2013 Stung by high costs, liberal Ivy League blogger slams flaws in Obamacare
Nov 21, 2013 Feds spent millions on grants for 500 community college students who failed-out
Nov 25, 2013 Complimentary condom delivery service at Catholic Georgetown University reportedly plagued with vandalism problems
Nov 26, 2013 College application form does not offer ‘male’ or ‘female’ gender choices for applicants
Nov 29, 2013 LA college offering class on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’
Dec 1, 2013 Holocaust-denial… at the heart of Thanksgiving,’ claims prof
Dec 2, 2013 College accuses black professor of racial harassment against white students
Dec 3, 2013 Mass. community college to arm campus cops
Dec 4, 2013 Faculty in dismay as college mulls cutting hours due to Obamacare
Dec 4, 2013 The most common grade at Harvard is an A-, says elite school’s dean
Dec 4, 2013 Montana U blames Obamacare for not being able to pay student health insurance claims
Dec 5, 2013 White House: Young people need Obamacare in case of injury at a ‘YOLO party’
Dec 6, 2013 Young may be more likely to sign up for gambling websites than Obamacare
Dec 9, 2013 U of New Hampshire spent $65K on design of this logo
Dec 12, 2013 Priest president of Catholic Notre Dame says new GLBTQ group a ‘big step forward’
Dec 16, 2013 Celeb introduces new Obamacare slogan: ‘Cover your dong and you will live long’
Dec 18, 2013 Obamas to host event encouraging mothers pressure their kids to enroll in Obamacare
Dec 19, 2013 Baptist college hires president accused of pretending to be ex-Muslim after 9/11 to gain fame
Dec 20, 2013 School changes social media policy over prof’s tweet calling for murder of NRA members’ children
Dec 26, 2013 Duck Dynasty’s Robertsons to appear at conservative college’s NYE party
Dec 27, 2013 College hired 24-hour security for nativity scene
Dec 30, 2013 Report: U of Minnesota spent nearly $200K per football player per year
Dec 31, 2013 Retired ethics professor, pastor arrested in sex sting
Jan 2, 2014 Rich girl’ who wrote article slamming poor: People would like me if they knew I was gay
Jan 7, 2014 University-sponsored production glorifies white-shaming
Jan 7, 2014 Report: Students jokingly claim to be gay in national survey, 70 percent are straight
Jan 9, 2014 Social media policy inspired by prof’s anti-NRA tweet may cost Univ. of Kansas its accreditation
Jan 12, 2014 * Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf demolishes Rolling Stone’s reforms for millennials
Jan 15, 2014 California public university seeks to ban ‘shots’ and regulate length of parties
Jan 15, 2014 College president who resigned amid scandal demands taxpayers pay his legal fees
Jan 16, 2014 Public university professors invent tool to measure faculty attitudes towards diversity
Jan 17, 2014 Northwestern Univ. College Feminists celebrated Sex Week with ‘sex position cookies’
Jan 20, 2014 Sex Week organizer: School-sponsored events about sexual pleasure stop sexual assaults
Jan 20, 2014 Public university to spend up to $75K on ‘diversity audit’
Jan 21, 2014 VIDEO: Dartmouth students protest MLK speech with call to ‘eradicate white supremacy’
Jan 22, 2014 Dartmouth students accuse school of ‘hypocrisy’ for celebrating MLK but not doing enough to ‘End White Supremacy. And maybe capitalism’
Jan 23, 2014 Calif. university considers forcing students to pay to hire new faculty
Jan 27, 2014 Public university to offer class on Jay-Z and Kanye West
Jan 28, 2014 Public university Sex Week to teach masturbation, when orgasms are a ‘political act’
Jan 30, 2014 Public university officials discussing proposal which would ban mention of race in crime alerts
Jan 30, 2014 U of Chicago to host ‘clothing optional’ dance party in campus hall
Jan 31, 2014 Feminist groups bring another ‘Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon’ to campuses, claim website has ‘political impact’
Feb 3, 2014 UPDATE: Public university spending at least $25,500 on Sex Week
Feb 3, 2014 Students film feminist porno in Columbia University library
Feb 5, 2014 U Chicago Sex Week events include ‘Temple of C*m,’ ‘Taste of Kink,’ and rope-tying workshop
Feb 5, 2014 Despite protest, women’s college refuses to remove realistic statue of man sleepwalking in his underwear
Feb 6, 2014 * Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf talks millennials and money on Fox & Friends
Feb 7, 2014 California public university considers hiking student fees to more than $2,000 per year
Feb 12, 2014 University uses race-based ‘facial-morphing’ to combat racism and discrimination on campus
Feb 12, 2014 Tufts offers popular Constitution class only three times since 2006 to maintain ‘balanced’ department,
Feb 14, 2014 University of Arizona class requires students to participate in ‘Condom Olympics’
Feb 18, 2014 * Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf talks biased textbooks on Fox & Friends
Feb 20, 2014 UC Berkeley exposes elementary kids to giant penis, ‘pin-the-tail on the anus’ game
Feb 21, 2014 University may begin ‘monitoring’ underage students who sleep on campus
Feb 24, 2014 VIDEO: CRO tests Michelle Obama’s idea that calling people ‘knuckleheads’ will make them buy something
Feb 26, 2014 Dartmouth students: Mandatory sensitivity training or we take ‘physical action’
Feb 27, 2014 Columbia sorority accused of ‘oppression’ for wearing sombreros and mustaches
Feb 28, 2014 University policy will force students to wear trackable identification at all times
Feb 28, 2014 UPDATE: Lawmakers, anti-trafficking groups condemn University of Tennessee’s Sex Week
Mar 3, 2014 Obamacare costs may force UNC to cut hours for 6,500 employees
Mar 4, 2014 Rutgers hosts workshop to teach men how to give their girlfriends orgasms
Mar 5, 2014 UC Berkeley to host ‘White Anti-Racist Training’ for ‘queer and women’s communities’
Mar 6, 2014 College launches ‘in-depth’ investigation of off-campus party it considered politically incorrect
Mar 11, 2014 Professor who calls herself a ‘Marxist’ says a group is persecuting her by calling her a ‘Marxist’
Mar 12, 2014 College campaigns against offensive language such as ‘derp,’ ‘wuss,’ and ‘you guys’
Mar 13, 2014 College ‘Feminist Museum’ attacks hardware stores for selling pink tools
Mar 14, 2014 Idaho becomes seventh state to allow concealed carry on campuses
Mar 14, 2014 UPDATE: Dartmouth student groups that threatened ‘physical action’ claim $30 million diversity commitment not enough
Mar 17, 2014 RI health exchange urges parents use dating, hookup apps to nag children into Obamacare
Mar 18, 2014 Another college cuts professors’ hours to comply with Obamacare
Mar 18, 2014 Pro-Palestinian group repeatedly violated school policies, still blames its suspension on discrimination
Mar 20, 2014 KU grad assistants in a panic over potential hour cuts due to Obamacare
Mar 20, 2014 Pro-Obamacare group offering youth cash prize in last-ditch effort to meet enrollment goals
Mar 21, 2014 University lecture teaches Beyoncé is a feminist hero for singing about sex acts while dancing partially naked
Mar 25, 2014 Police: Grand Valley State student faked racial bias incident
Mar 25, 2014 School official: Allowing guns on campus could ‘easily trigger’ stressed students to shoot each other
Mar 26, 2014 School responds to video of lecturer’s anti-Republican rant by banning videotaping
Mar 26, 2014 International students face criminal charges, possible deportation for shooting toy gun on campus
Mar 27, 2014 Vermont to pay for all high school students to take college classes — except students at religious schools
Mar 27, 2014 Report: College instructor spent months teaching students the wrong class
Mar 27, 2014 NYU offering class on Puff Daddy because he has had ‘profound impact on global culture’
Mar 28, 2014 Planned Parenthood president to give keynote address at Barnard commencement
Apr 1, 2014 * WATCH: Female Campus Reform reporter bullied at ‘inclusive’ feminist conference for being ‘conservative’
Apr 2, 2014 Obamacare to force Northwestern U. to buy maternity coverage for its football players
Apr 4, 2014 * Feminist group that blocked reporter from interviewing students complains video did not have enough interviews
Apr 7, 2014 Transgender student files complaint against Christian university for not letting him live in male dorms
Apr 8, 2014 Northwestern U hosts event for female students who are ‘having trouble masturbating’
Apr 9, 2014 Harvard to let the United Nations dictate how it spends college endowment money
Apr 9, 2014 University may change fight song after complaints that ‘Utah Man’ is sexist and ‘fairest’ is racist
Apr 11, 2014 Louisiana College spent more than $5 million on a law school that never opened
Apr 14, 2014 University conducted study to find out most popular pubic hair grooming trends
Apr 16, 2014 Northwestern student who preached importance of Sex Week admits she didn’t attend the events
Apr 16, 2014 Report: Young people in 11 states to see insurance premiums double with Obamacare
Apr 17, 2014 Hawaii CC charging for services that don’t exist, removes Student Council members who ask questions
Apr 21, 2014 Yale pro-life group denied membership in school’s Social Justice Network
Apr 23, 2014 Harvard students start own business, school shuts it down on regulatory technicalities
Apr 23, 2014 College socialists celebrate abortion with wire hanger display
Apr 25, 2014 U of Wisconsin to offer a post-doc in ‘feminist biology’ because science is sexist
Apr 25, 2014 Dartmouth Greeks cancel fundraiser for cardiac care over concerns its fiesta theme was racist
Apr 28, 2014 Professors decry Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’ as racist, demand a less ‘offensive’ remake
Apr 29, 2014 Iowa college announces that Obamacare will force hike in student health insurance costs
Apr 29, 2014 Professor claims China’s authoritarian government helps the environment, America “grotesquely immoral”
Apr 30, 2014 UC Berkeley charges students to attend their own graduation
May 1, 2014 Illinois colleges warn that pending minimum wage hike would force them to fire students
May 2, 2014 * Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf ridicules PC police on ‘Stossel’
May 6, 2014 Emails: Rutgers professors pushed students to protest Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker
May 7, 2014 KU grad students turn to union for protection from Obamacare
May 8, 2014 Nearly 100 Cornell student groups must prove they are trying to be more ‘diverse’ before they get funding
May 9, 2014 Oberlin College policy would mandate transgender sensitivity training for entire athletics department
May 12, 2014 Liberal students attack speaker for saying sex assault allegations are complicated
May 13, 2014 Harvard plans ‘mandatory power and privilege training’ for poli-sci students
May 14, 2014 STUDY: University finds ‘fat-shaming’ more harmful than racism
May 16, 2014 Berkeley students say their biodegradable caps and gowns aren’t green enough and it’s an embarrassment
May 22, 2014 Tribal leaders demand expulsion of students who wore ‘Siouxper Drunk’ t-shirts at off-campus party
May 26, 2014 Columbia University to spend $5.7 million in taxpayer funds on climate change games
May 28, 2014 UCLA to host event encouraging students to masturbate instead of studying for finals
May 29, 2014 University radio show hosts offered penis, ‘butthole’ pics for $20 donations
May 30, 2014 UCI students demand punishment for ‘racist’ fundraiser because students wore grass skirts and coconut bras
Jun 2, 2014 Professor: Fight to hike minimum wage the ‘civil rights movement of our time’
Jun 4, 2014 U Chicago students say school made them ‘unsafe’ by allowing a speaker to say ‘tranny’
Jun 6, 2014 Temple U: Holocaust-questioning professor part of ‘diverse faculty’ that leads to ‘vigorous exchange of ideas’
Jun 11, 2014 Judge orders public university to pay legal fees for professor who was denied promotion for being Christian
Jun 12, 2014 Colleges nationwide celebrate gay graduates with special graduation honor cords
Jun 13, 2014 Campus Christian club found guilty of discrimination for requiring its leaders to be Christians
Jun 17, 2014 Students demand mandatory transgender class to right the wrongs of colonial America
Jun 17, 2014 VIDEO: Socialist group verbally assaults, tries to eject conservative blogger for legally filming meeting at PSU
Jun 18, 2014 University considered a gun rights speech such a threat that it made students hire cops to patrol it
Jun 19, 2014 U Washington students start ‘Uber for marijuana’ delivery service
Jun 20, 2014 Activists pretend to be dead at UC Berkeley to protest animal testing
Jun 23, 2014 UK woman spends government-funded $17K student loan on plastic surgery
Jun 24, 2014 Illinois spent $500K on university study of anti-violence program that didn’t examine its impact on violence
Jun 24, 2014 19-year-old college student accidentally becomes Republican politician
Jun 24, 2014 ‘Conservative University’ launches ‘Sex, Lies, and Women’s Studies’ class
Jun 25, 2014 Kanye West’s community service for assaulting a photographer is talking to college kids about fashion
Jun 25, 2014 U of California bans employees from using Uber because it’s too dangerous
Jun 27, 2014 Update: University of California says it isn’t banning Uber, other peer-to-peer services
Jun 30, 2014 University to offer ‘Demystifying the Hipster’ class
Jun 30, 2014 University: Gun rights club not allowed because it might try to change policy on concealed carry
Jul 7, 2014 University of Colorado – Boulder spent more than $60K to close campus on 4/20
Jul 9, 2014 Bill Clinton also received hundreds of thousands to speak at UCLA
Jul 10, 2014 Feminists suddenly angry about ‘Football 101 for Women’ class that has been offered since mid-90s
Jul 10, 2014 Liberal politician offers $100K for naked pics of lion-hunting cheerleader
Jul 15, 2014 Obamacare to hike premiums 411 percent for male millennials in a Missouri county
Jul 16, 2014 Dept. of Education will not force a Christian university to admit transgender man in all-male dorm
Jul 16, 2014 Court: University of Texas can use race as factor in admissions
Jul 17, 2014 STUDY: California environmental regulations have destroyed the economy
Jul 18, 2014 Ohio U considers mandatory ‘re-education’ classes for students who smoke on campus
Jul 21, 2014 UW-Madison policy calls on professors to distribute grades based on race
Jul 23, 2014 17 percent of Harvard’s graduating class admits to cheating in academics
Jul 24, 2014 UC – Berkeley brings in 500 goats to be ‘eco-friendly lawn mowers’
Jul 25, 2014 U California Regents vote to pay executives more one day after discussing ‘funding shortfall’

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