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Campus Reform Videos

From February 2013 through July 2014 Kat worked as a video and print reporter for Campus Reform covering waste, fraud, bias, and abuse on college campuses. The following list contains dates and titles of Campus Reform articles that feature embedded videos of Kat conducting interviews. These articles were written by either Kat, herself, or else other Campus Reform reporters. Articles which Kat did not author are marked with an asterisk (*).

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Date Title
Mar 19, 2013 [VIDEO] Grover Norquist says he wants TV cameras in every classroom
Mar 26, 2013 [VIDEO] College students outside Supreme Court hearing were overwhelming in support of gay marriage
Apr 10, 2013 [VIDEO] Students who protested Sen Rand Paul’s speech: Capitalism, tea party racist
Apr 18, 2013 [VIDEO] ‘Guns should just be illegal’: College students advocate strict gun control
Apr 22, 2013 [VIDEO] Ron Paul: No one ever asked me how to increase youth support
Apr 26, 2013 [VIDEO] Dem. Rep: Federal government should force banks to pay students’ debt
Apr 29, 2013 [VIDEO] Students demand forgiveness for college debt, blame the ‘system’
May 3, 2013 [VIDEO] ‘I absolutely believe socialism is the way to go’: Students at May Day protest call for overthrow of Capitalism
May 29, 2013 [VIDEO] Washington DC college students celebrate ‘crazy’ Bachmann’s retirement plans
Jun 5, 2013 * [VIDEO] Rep. Justin Amash takes a swing at question Salon.com says ‘libertarians just can’t answer’
Jun 6, 2013 * [VIDEO] Rep. Justin Amash responds to student protest over student loan rates: ‘Government has caused the price of education to go way up’
Jun 7, 2013 * [VIDEO] Rep. Justin Amash reacts to report on ‘tweetability’ of President Obama’s speeches: ‘I’ve never heard of this idea’
Jun 7, 2013 [VIDEO] U. Penn student: Conservatives are ‘white men who are super rich and who don’t give a f**k about immigrants’
Jun 13, 2013 * [VIDEO] Police detain reporters, stop them from photographing alleged NSA facility where Snowden worked
Jun 19, 2013 [VIDEO] ‘Study Martin Luther King’: Glenn Beck’s advice on how college students can fight illegal IRS audits
Jun 19, 2013 [VIDEO] Sen. Cruz: Young people should tell government not to ‘mess with the Internet’
Jun 25, 2013 * [VIDEO] Student blasts Clarence Thomas as ‘Uncle Tom,’ reacts to affirmative action ruling
Jun 26, 2013 [VIDEO] Students praise Obama climate change speech, lash out at Republicans and Big Oil
Jun 26, 2013 [VIDEO]: Students ridicule DOMA supporters as ‘hideous’ and ‘disgusting’ outside Supreme Court
Jul 11, 2013 [VIDEO] Georgetown student says all Republicans should be ‘put to death’
Jul 18, 2013 [VIDEO] Bachmann, Palin are misogynists, explains student
Jul 25, 2013 * WATCH: Washington D.C. students urge Weiner to stay in mayoral race
Jul 31, 2013 * WATCH: Minimum wage of $15 way too high, say students
Aug 1, 2013 * WATCH: All students should be required to take a class on Trayvon Martin, say protesters
Aug 2, 2013 * WATCH: GW forcing 3 years of on-campus housing is ‘sh*tty, underhanded move,’ students say
Aug 8, 2013 WATCH: Dozens sign petition demanding university offer health care for pets
Aug 9, 2013 WATCH: ‘Jews had their golden age under Muslim rule’ says anti-Israel student protester
Aug 29, 2013 WATCH: Condoms, syringes, Internet among constitutional rights say MLK protesters
Sep 17, 2013 VIDEO: Students say Obama deserves Peace Prize, but can’t say why
Oct 3, 2013 * VIDEO: Sen. Mike Lee gives Boehner an ‘A’ for handling of shutdown crisis
Oct 8, 2013 VIDEO: Obamacare should let people remain permanently on parent’s health insurance, say GW students
Nov 6, 2013 * VIDEO: Grover Norquist praises Christie as ‘strong voice for conservative governance’ for 2016 presidential race
Nov 15, 2013 VIDEO: Students at historically black college complain Obamacare has left them uninsured
Feb 24, 2014 VIDEO: CRO tests Michelle Obama’s idea that calling people ‘knuckleheads’ will make them buy something
Apr 1, 2014 * WATCH: Female Campus Reform reporter bullied at ‘inclusive’ feminist conference for being ‘conservative’

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